Use us to represent you as your BUYER’S AGENT and save money. Builders and Sellers typically already have allocated a Realtor Commission built into the sales price. This money will go to the Listing Agent or back to the seller if you don’t use a Realtor as a Buyer’s Agent.

What you get:
– 1.5% rebate* given back at closing
– Professional Realtor Service
– We will assist you with your home search
– We will negotiate the deal for you
– Assist you with the contract signing
– Advice you on Home Inspections
– Assist you with closing and general financing** questions
– Accompany you at the closing

Remember, the Listing Agent and the Builder’s Sales Representative works for the Seller. We, as your Buyer’s Agent will work for you and will look out for your best interest.

Make sure to contact us before you sign anything.

* based on 3% buyer’s agent commission
** only licensed mortgage professionals can give specific financing advice

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